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Flip-flops in the Office? It's No Joke.*

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Flip-flops in the office? It’s no joke

I once met a costume designer who worked mostly on American TV movies. She had all sorts of B-list celebrity tales to tell, but the thing I found most fascinating was her rather strict views on appropriate dress.

She’d never put a male actor in a muscle shirt or vest, for instance, unless the script made it clear that he was a violent low-life (it was something to do with the US slang for vests being ‘wife-beaters’, apparently).

Her vision of office dress codes was equally intriguing because it was like nothing I’d ever experienced in a real office. Nothing sleeveless for women, she dictated. No bare legs either (American tan tights please!) and absolutely no open-toed shoes.

But as I sit at my desk punching out this story, I’m not only barelegged but also sporting a pair of flip flops. Admittedly, they’re a stylish metallic leather pair – but in the mind of that costume designer they’d mark me out as unemployable.

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New standards

 Times must be changing faster in actual offices than they are in televisual ones. While there are still some workplaces where formal office attire is a must (and others where closed-toe shoes are a safety requirement) there are plenty of employers allowing or even promoting casual-wear – even outside dress-down Fridays.

Casual dress for success

Media and advertising firms are particularly known for encouraging their ‘creatives’ to buck the dress codes of more conventional offices. There, casual is the dress code and sometimes the fashion can feel as competitive as at high school.

But there’s some serious thought behind casual dress codes at work. Loosening up in what we wear helps us relax – and so ideas can flow more freely. Such reasoning is spreading fast among employers, even at a high-powered US law firm where casual-wear is encouraged to promote creativity.

Emergency spares

No matter how casual we get every day, however, there will always be moments when you feel that you need to dress to impress.

When a big client arrives or an important meeting looms, you’re suddenly reminded of the confidence-giving power of a classic suit or a shoe with some polish. And that’s when you’ll want to kick off the flip-flops for something smarter stashed under your desk.

After all, sometimes we need the right costumes to help us play out our roles in the office.

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*This is a guest/promotional post.*

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