Saturday, July 14, 2012

What I'm Wearing Today

Leopard Print Top, Topshop
Black Faux Leather/ Wet-look Shorts, River Island
Cardigan, Topshop
Tights, Primark
Cat Pendant, Primark
Earrings, Vintage
Bow Headband, Primark
Sunglasses, Primark.
Boots, New Look

Lipstick: Mac Vegas Volt

Actually, this is what I wore yesterday, but I didn't have a chance to post it! The weather has been a bit rubbish, so I had to resort to a cardigan-and-tights combo, rather than risk it in bare legs, though the sun did show it's little face at one point, prompting me to get my sunglasses out. Any excuse!
I was just going for lunch with my other half and his family, so I fancied a casual, relaxed look.
I'm wearing my favourite boots here too, they are a bit battered and showing their age, but I just can't bring myself to get rid of them as they go with everything and I love the stud detailing. But recently, I took them to be re-heeled, and the man who did it (he's independent) really made a mess of them! He even thought he'd give them a bit of a polish for me - shame the colour he shoes was an orangey-brown and didn't match the colour of the boots at all! Lesson learned, won't be going to him again!

I haven't really got much planned this weekend so I think we will just be chilling at home again. The spending ban continues, so that means shopping is off limits! :( As I mentioned in my last post though, I haven't completely stuck to it, and I've got some Benefit, Revlon and Maybelline goodies I shall be reviewing for you very soon.

My in-laws have literally fed me SO much cake over the past couple of days! I did go for a good run in the park yesterday evening, but that far from makes up for the volume of sugar I have ingested! I think I should invest my free time today and tomorrow in exercise as I feel a bit lethargic and gross because of was good cake though!

I was really looking forward to a couple of days away with the hubby next week, as we haven't had some decent 'us time' for ages, but right on cue, Friday the 13th and the car starts making funny noises on the way back from his parents' house. 
Not. Impressed.
Seriously, our car always seems to throw a spanner in the works when we are planning to go somewhere! Anyway, fingers crossed that it's nothing serious and we can get it sorted - cheaply - before then.

Hope you all have a lovely weekend!



  1. you're so stinkin' cute mel! and i'm a huge fan of your aviators (actually your whole outfit :) )
    sorry to hear you're not doing so well my dear :( hope things get better soon!!


    1. Thanks Alex, nothing too crazy, just my other half being from a different country causing a few issues paperwork-wise, but we'll sort it out eventually!I'm fine :)
      My aviators were only £1 (about $2)! Bargain.
      Mel x

  2. hey there totally love ur outfit & your blog in general ..I just recently started a blog & if you have time please check it out & give me some feedback id appreciate it

  3. Love your hair! This whole outfit is very pretty!! Hope things get better x

  4. Wow, I love this outfit - you look lovely. Adore your shoes! Found you from the BBU hop :)


    1. Aww, thanks lovely! Will check out your blog :)
      Mel x

  5. Your hair looks gorgeous Mel, really wish mine would take a leaf out of your book and get some volume!
    Love the whole outfit too of course :)



    1. Aw, thanks Alice. It's actually not that voluminous, I backcomb the roots when I wear it down as I hate it being flat! It might look a bit more voluminous like this but it's just because I tip my head upside down when I want to put it up and that helps loads. I used to hate my hair up until I tried that!xx

  6. Cute leopard! xo

  7. Cake is always good. I'm trying to run more at the moment. Was doing well but slacked last week.

    Love this top. I really like leopard print! Xc

    1. That's true, it is....but not in those quantities, I had so much I wasn't enjoying it any more, haha xx


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