Sunday, July 8, 2012

Friday Finds

Hello Treacles. I'm sorry to be bringing you this week's Friday Finds on a Saturday, but we have been away visiting the hubby's parents for a couple of days. I had prepared all my blog posts in advance, ready to upload, knowing that I wouldn't have a chance to sit down and write one while we were there, but as it happened, we ended up staying an extra day. Cue, my careful planning being scuppered. But these things happen!

Feast your eyes on these little beauts from Shabby Chic Originals . This is a gorgeous little site, full of cute little vintage treats for the home, and something I came across purely by chance while looking for some pretty bits and bobs to add some character to my new house.

Garden Mirror, £40

Decorative Hanging Heart, £6.

Birdcage Lamp Shade, £13.99

Egg House, £16.

Three-tier Regency Cake Stand, £13.99

Set of three stacking tins, £10.50

Regency Sugar Bowl, £8.50

Two Drawer Botanical Chest, £15.99

Floral Party Bunting, £10.

Well. after looking at this little lot all over again, I know where I would like to be kitting out my house. I actually think that Shabby Chic Originals ' prices are really reasonable, and while you could probably find yourself some similar goodies by rooting through a few charity shops, this little site will save you the time. It will also save you plenty of pennies if you are someone who doesn't have the patience for thrifting, as you are going to pay a lot less here than some other places I could mention.
My absolute favourite of the bunch just has to be the little egg house! What a cute idea. It's basically a little wooden chicken house, but instead, you pop your eggies inside until you fancy scrambling/poaching/frying them up for brekkie, which in my case, is often on a lazy sunday morning :)

Hope everyone is making the most of the weekend so far! Don't forget to check out Shabby Chic Originals' website by clicking on the links above if you have enjoyed my little selection here. It's always fun to have a little browse!



  1. I had never heard of this website but they have some gorgeous things! Damnnn having no money :( x

    1. Neither had I Josie, I just came across it by chance! I'm skint too though, so I won't be buying any of these bits just yet!
      Mel x

  2. ahh i love posts like these! always lusting after pretty household things. i especially love the cake stand, and all the different tins x

    1. Me too, but I never seem to get around to actually buying any of it, as soon as any money comes my way it is immediately 'invested' in clothes and makeup! Haha.
      Thanks for visiting! :)
      Mel x


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