Monday, July 16, 2012

Topshop Baroque Jeans

I was absolutely in love with these jeans when they first came out in Topshop, but was never able to find them in my size, so I have been keeping my eyes peeled for a pair on Ebay ever since. Well, today was my lucky day (but not my bank balance's!), as I finally stumbled upon them in my size and petite length. Yesss.
I was going to wait until they arrived to show you, but I was too excited, and I've come down with a nasty cold today, so I'm snuggled up at home feeling sorry for myself and felt like doing an extra little blog post today. I will, of course pop them in an outfit post or two when they arrive, as it'd be rude not to, really.
I'm now trying to get my thinking cap on about how I'm going to style these babies up. I'm thinking I'll just let them do the talking and pair them with a pair of glads and a plain vest top. I'm still not entirely used to doing pattern on the bottom half rather than the top, so I feel weird seeing my upper body in plain neutrals. But it does mean that I can accessorise with one of my new spike necklaces (also from Ebay!) and some other bits, and I'll definitely be slinging my monochrome blazer on over the top on cooler days and for a bit of evening chic, as I think these jeans will definitely work forboth day and night.

So today was my first foray into scheduled posting, and as far as I knew, my last post on Revlon Photoready Foundation was posted successfully this afternoon. Er, not quite. Only as I was getting ready to post this one did I notice that actually, no, it hadn't been posted at all. The fact that I have been receiving comments on anything but that all day should have rung alarm bells really, but alas, it didn't, so I think I will stick to manual posting from now on! I even checked back to see the date and time I had selected, and everything was in order, so I have absolutely no idea what happened there, all I know is that it was a blogging fail!

Do you have any baroque or bold printed jeans? What do you style them with, and if not, how would you style these?



  1. Mel these are gorgeous! I'm so excited to see you in them!! Poor you with a cold! :( bummer.. but I hope blogging has been taking your mind off it! I know! - I can't get the set posting thing to work either! waaaah. Nevermind. Also I like your new blog design! This is awkward if you infact have not made a new design, but it seems new to me! Eek haha.

    1. I know, aren't they amazing? I hope they look as good on!
      Ahh, so glad to hear I'm not the only one who can't schedule posts, haha. I don't even want to try it again as it messes up my plans f it doesn't publish!
      I have indeed given my blog a little makeover, glad you like it! :) xx

  2. Wow these are stunning!! I have a pair of statement leggings, wasn't sure I'd wear them but really like teaming them with simple vests or with my denim shirt :) Aww sucks to hear about your cold :( hope you're feeling better soon :)


    1. Thanks Charlee, I can't wait to wear them. I am a little bit worried that I won't actually get much wear out of them, I need to stock up on some basics to mix them with as I am rubbish at buying plain things - I always find I'd rather spend my pennies on something more exciting, but then I regret it when I have nothing to mix up statement pieces with!xx

  3. Lovely pants!!

  4. Beautiful pants! Can't wait to see you in them when they arrive :)


    1. Thanks lovely,can't wait to wear them! :)xx

  5. So cool. I follow your Blog.
    Please follow me.


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