Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Tuesday Chit Chat

So, as I said yesterday, I'm catching up on some missed blog posts after being ill. I won't bore you with the details again.

As I was ill, I didn't really do a whole lot last week, which means I also didn't really take many pictures. At all. I've already mentioned my health problems over the weekend, but I also started the week off on Monday with a nasty cold, so it really hasn't been my week. This idea was confounded on Thursday when we found out the almighty sum it would cost to fix our car, pictured above in the car hospital where it is now being seen to and won't be on day release until next week. Not handy.
Other than that, it seems, looking at the pictures, that I was doing mainly superficial things like painting and photographing my own nails, and doing the same with my outfits and shopping (not painting them, obviously).
I spent several days laid up in bed, so was grateful to have a stack of magazines to hand, although to be honest, for the most part I was too weak to even hold one up, and spent the majority of the time sleeping.
I wish there was an interesting story behind the chilli peppers to liven up this dull story of a week, but there really isn't - I just snapped them in a local health food shop as I thought they looked pretty. Wow, I'm really selling myself here as an interesting blogger, aren't I? Well, I promise to try and be a bit more exciting with both my life and my snaps next week, that's all I can say!
This week, I will be mostly without a car, which means plenty of walking everywhere, so I'm grateful for the reasonable weather we've been having so far. I have already indulged in a(nother) spot of retail therapy so far this week, as obviously, I need cheering up after my terrible ordeal ;)   Just to offset the guilt a little bit, I've also ordered a couple of bits for my hubby, also in the hope that they will arrive in between my purchases so as to 'break them up' a bit (ie, so it doesn't seem as though I've got that much! ;)
Anyway, that is all for now, I hope you've all had a pleasant start to the week and are enjoying the lovely weather.
Over and out.


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