Sunday, July 8, 2012

Weekend Wishlist

1. Textured Peplum Top, £30
2. Monkey Studs, £5
3. Skull Scarf, £22
4. Fringed Corset Top, £24
5. Studded Holdall, £38
6. Moto Gold Studded Hotpants, £35
7. Studded Holdall, £38
8. Point Collar Necklace, £16.50
9. Studded jumper, £34
10. Acrobat Wedge Trainers, £80

Dear Topshop
Just stop it, will you? Everything I want this week is from your New In section. And I want everything from your New In section this week!
STOP with all the gorgeous stud detailing and beautiful collar necklaces. I already have far too many of your embellished denim shorts on my wishlist, and now this. And as for those gorgeous bags, will you just look what you have done to me? Not one, but TWO on my list. Make it stop, I beg of you.

Hello everyone, I hope you've had a lovely weekend!
In case you haven't guessed, yes, everything on this week's Wishlist is, indeed, from Topshop! I don't know what it is with them at the moment, they seem to go through stages where there is not much I would buy (since they boosted their prices quite substantially!) and others where I literally do want everything. Now is definitely the latter. I have always loved Topshop, but they've got so expensive lately, so I try to avoid shopping there for the most part, though I used to get most of my wardrobe from there in the past! I know I've mentioned my love of all things studded on here before, and when I clicked on the 'New In' butoon this week, I was greeted with an abundance of absolute must-have studded pieces that just had to be on this list!
I really want to wear the grey jumper with the studded shorts and black studded bag, though I think it might be stud overkill! The detailing on the sweater is quite subtle though, so I reckon I could get away with it, and maybe throw on the skull scarf for the perfect relaxed weekend look.
I'm sorry Mr. Credit Card, but some of these bits are coming home with me. Deal with it.

What's on your Wishlist this week?


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  1. I love that collar and those studded denim shorts! Amazing picks! x

    1. They are amazing aren't they, and they'll go with anything!x

  2. Oh I want everything on this wishlist! I especially love the shorts!xx

  3. I want everything!! I love the fringed crop top and those wedged sneakers, Topshop is such a killer for my bank balance haha xx


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