Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Desire of the Day #5: ASOS Spiked Bracelet

Well. I wouldn't mind having me this little spiked delight. We all love a bit of arm candy, and I am all over the spiked jewellery trend at the moment. This beaut is just £8 from ASOS too, so what's not to love? For those of us on a spending ban, this is an affordable (ahem!) treat (clearly I haven't understood the rules very well!).
ASOS are always a gem when it comes to jewels, and I could spend an absolute fortune decking myself out in their gorgeous attire, so I wouldn't be surprised if a rose gold collar necklace or two make it onto my Desire of the Day post in the not too distant future. But who knows. Tomorrow is another day, and I am a fickle shopper.

Just a short one today, but I will be back later on with a post about - gasp! - FAKE Mac products. How to spot them and how to avoid them is key in this day and Ebay-ing age.

Hope everyone is out enjoying the sunshine while it lasts and having a lovely time. I could certainly tell you weren't at home with your heads buried in the blogosphere last night, but then who would be, unless they were ill? Anyway, sob stories aside, I am feeling much better now, thank you very much. Bit of sunbathing for me today, I think.



  1. Love the bracelet and your blog! Followed straight away! xxx

  2. I've had my eye on that too, however I'm on a spending ban! :(

  3. hey I love this so much your blog is so good just followed you:) check out my blog i've just started it. xxxx


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