Sunday, April 15, 2012

Friday Favourites

Ahhh, late again with my Friday Favourites! Sorry about that, it seems that as soon as I decided to start doing the series, I suddenly found myself with loads to do on Fridays, and actually, coming towards the end of the week, I have been feeling a bit under the weather too, so that hasn't helped. Just a bit of a cold, but they can make you feel pretty rubbish, can't they?

Anyway, onwards.

This week's Friday Favourites is based upon my favourite finds from the 'New in' sections of the high-street stores' websites. Being the turn of the season, and that time when the shops are jam-packed full of gorgeous, colourful spring/summer attire, there was an absolute shed-load of things that I could have put on here, but I did try to restrain myself and keep calm! I am absolutely adoring all the gorgeous pale pastels and bold tropical prints in stores at the moment, not to mention all the different pieces printed with various little animals, which are just so cute and I could buy them all!

£28, Topshop

£50, Topshop

£6.50, Topshop

£29, Miss Selfridge

£40, Oasis

£14, Oasis

£55. Warehouse

£35, Accessorize

£15, Accessorize

£5, Accessorize

£4.50, Accessorize

My favourite finds have to be the lemon broderie shirt and the bird-print clutch. I've already got the same shirt in white and it is so gorgeous and summery. It looks amazing with the coral crepe shorts featured in last week's Friday Favourites, and with a tan the whole ensemble will look even better.
Sadly, the sandals will probably stay on my favourites list but never be bought,  because despite the fact that I am constantly falling in love with flat shoes and sandals, I never actually buy them, because I know from past experience that I won't wear them! I'm small, and I feel that flats 'cut  off 'my legs and make me look even shorter, so if I do put a pair on, I ALWAYS end up taking them off at the last minute in favour of heels! I feel so much more in proportion with them on.
I am a huge fan of statement jewellery and am always on the lookout for chunky cocktail rings. If they so happen to be animal/insect inspired, then that's even better! Accessorize really do have a gorgeous selection in at the moment, which is no surprise. Every time I go in that shop, there's trouble!! I always see so many things that I want to buy, but I always feel that I have to keep myself under control because there are often cheaper alternatives elsewhere. If, like me, you get bored easily, then it's a good idea to stock up on loads of cheaper bits (charity shops, Primark, H&M...) rather than one or two expensive pieces, or at least, I find this to be the case. But it's definitely nice to sometimes treat myself to some things of higher quality I know will last.
That said, some of the gems you can find in charity shops and at boot sales are amazingly good value and last forever!

Which pieces from the 'New in' sections are you going to be treating yourselves to/admiring from afar this spring/summer?
What is your favourite spring trend?



  1. Oh wow, I love that owl brooch! I seem to have a thing for animals on jewellery. I think I'll need to take a trip to Accessorize!

    I love your blog and now following :-)

    1. Hi hun, just realised I didn't send the below comment as a reply, so not sure if you will have got a notification for it! Well anyway, you'll have some comments from me on your blog :)

  2. I know, great aren't they? I also saw an amazing owl pendant when I was in there last, with real feathers on it. So wish I had bought it!
    Happy you like the blog, thanks for following!
    I'm now following yours too, as I've just had a nose at it and really liked it. You're so good at nail art!
    Mel x

  3. Love all of these! Although being a fellow shorty I think you should embrace your height ;) those sandals are surely too good to miss out on? :) x

    1. It's not the actual height that bothers me, I'm more than happy to embrace that these days, as I've come to realise it does have it's advantages! It's more that I feel I look more in proportion with a bit of a heel! They're perfectly comfortable to me as I've been wearing them forever, haha.
      You're right though....I may have to make an exception this time!xx

  4. that top is gorgeous!

    check out my blog xo

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  6. nice choices :) i love the lemon coloured top from miss selfridge! x

    1. Thanks Rachel, it's a beaut, isn't it!xx

  7. Beautiful selection!!!
    Take a look on my blog and if you like we can follow each other?
    Besos, desde España, Marcela♥


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