Thursday, April 26, 2012

Get To Know Me Tag

1. What would you do if you had a magic wand?
Ok, I don't want to sound cliche, or like I'm just saying this for everyone to say "aww, she's so nice". But the other night, I watched the film Machine Gun Preacher, which is basically a true story about a bad boy who turns good and ends up going out to Africa to help protect and house orphaned children,  and it seriously made me cry so much! So I would love to wave a magic wand and give these guys a safe and happy life.
Other than that, I'd use the wand to make sure my family were all right, and on a more fun note, I think I'd like to be able to magic myself to wherever in the world I wanted to be, as I LOVE travelling.....and of course, to magic myself lovely new clothes and beauty products as and when I want them, haha!

2. What would you like to change on you?
I'm assuming due to the wording that this means physically. Hmmm...well, I'd love it if my hair wasn't so dry on the ends. If you had asked me this a few years ago then I'd have definitely said I wanted to be taller, but nowadays I am quite happy with my height, and trying to just be happy with what I've got in general.

3. What's your biggest flaw?
As most of you know, my husband is Brazilian. And I find that when I'm in Brazil I become a completely different person and am really shy! I suppose it's due to not being able to speak in my mother tongue, but I absolutely hate the feeling of awkwardness that comes over me! I am also really impatient, and a bit messy!

4. Do you tell lies?
Well, I absolutely HATE being lied to, as most of us do. So, I only tell white lies really. Like, the kind that you tell to prevent someone worrying about you, or to stop them from nagging you. Orrrr, maybe about how much I've just spent on Ebay.....haha! Of course, I lied about lots of silly things as a kid, but who didn't?

5. If you won a lot of money, what would you do?
First things first, I'd jet off around the world, taking my husband, parents, sister and friends with me, and have an amazing time visiting all the places I've always wanted to. Then, I'd go home and buy a lovely house and go on a huuuge shopping spree! And bearing in mind my answer to question one, I'd like to think I'd also do something genuinely positive with some of the money.

6. What can you brag about? 
Not really one for bragging. But I suppose it would be being able to speak fluent Portuguese.

7. What's your dream job?
A professional fashion and beauty blogger/journalist, definitely. Or a stylist, I would adore that job!

8. Have you got a motto?
If I'm honest, there are few things I find more annoying than the constant motto-sharing that goes on on Facebook, and fills up my newsfeed. Don't get me wrong, I'm all for a few positive words as needed. But being bombarded with them constantly somehow just makes them seem meaningless. A truly good one, though, is one my mum always used to say to me, which is 'treat others as you would like to be treated yourself'.

9.  How do you imagine yourself in ten years time?
Hopefully living in a nice house closer to my family and friends, and doing a job that I enjoy.

10. What would be the ideal gift for you?
Ooh, now you're asking! Umm, maybe a winning lottery ticket!?

11. If you could be somebody famous for a day, who would you be?
This is a tricky one, as  fame has never really appealed to me. And also, how could you benefit from being a celebrity for a day? Maybe a Victoria's Secret model, just to know what it's like to be that ridiculously hawt! Haha.

I tag all my lovely followers to answer these questions, as I'd really enjoy getting to know a bit more about you all!


  1. Oh nice answers! Much better than mine haha! :)

  2. I love reading these on people's blogs! It's so nice to know who's behind things, and everyone seems so different. It's amazing your can speak a language fluently! It's one of my life goals but I think I will fail at it quite a lot!

    New follower :] Stop by some time? I'll be keeping up to date with your posts.

    Kirstie xx

  3. Love reading these! Can't believe you're married, I thought you were like the same age as me! haha! Also love how there's not really anything you would change about yourself! :) Defo going to give this a go! xx

    1. Well I've just reached the grand old age of twenty-six, which I still can't quite believe. I haven't noticed much of a difference between now and when I was eighteen, plus I still look it, which is a bonus! Ha.
      It's not because I think I'm perfect, I promise! Haha. Just trying to be grateful, I suppose.
      Mel x

  4. Nice getting to know you! Wish I could speak another language! Used to learn Spanish at school but that quickly went down the drain lol!



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