Monday, April 9, 2012

Memorable Moments

After posting my photo-mosaic as part of my 'Saturday Summary', some of you asked me about them, so here they are in full size, fully explained.

1. This was a boat we came across in the beach in Brazil, in a place called Buzios, RJ. It was selling Acai, which is hugely popular in Brazil, and deliciously refreshing!

2. Palm trees on the beach in Prado, BA, Brazil.

3. Devonshire cream tea with my mum, sister and grandparents after a sunny country walk.

4. Homemade Sangria in my parents' garden

5. AMAZING antipasti lunch with friends in my favourite Italian deli.

6.  The view from my hotel window in Vitoria, ES, Brazil.

7. HUGE cocktails (called Terminators) with friends. We used to swear by these as fifteen-year-olds going out on minimal money, so we decided to take a trip down memory lane....bad idea! Hangovers all round the next day!

8. Tapas in the sunshine with my mum :-)

9. The view across the harbour in my hometown.

10. Another yummy cream tea!

11,12 and 13 Nights out with friends!

14. A vintage sweet shop on a day trip to Totnes with my sister.

15. A meal with friends in a Moroccan restaurant (yes, more food!).

16. Mountains of Mexican food we had when some friends came to visit us in Brazil.

17. Yet another lush meal from the same trip.

18. The view along Ipanema in Rio.

19 and 20. Shopping with more friends who came to visit us in Brazil, this time in Trancoso, BA

21. Mountain walk.

22. The view along Copacabana at night.

23. Cupcakes! To celebrate my friend's 25th birthday. We had a surprise party for her in our hotel room with cake and bubbly, before going out to eat sushi and have a few drinks.

I hope you enjoyed this rather photo-heavy post!
What's the most memorable place you have visited?



  1. I cannot wait to go on holiday this summer after seeing all your photos, they're gorgeous xxx

    1. Thanks Emily, the same goes for your food pictures, they are making me so hungry! I am currently over in Brazil and whenever I am here, I really miss the variety available at home. Not to mention the fact that cheddar cheese doesn't exist here! Haha xx


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