Saturday, April 14, 2012

Risque Penelope Charmosa Nail Polish

Risque is one of the most popular brands of nail varnish in Brazil, and one I was already familiar with from previous visits to the country.
But when the new Penelope Charmosa range caught my eye this time around, I just couldn't resist the gorgeous pastel shades, so I bought three of the colours shown above. Nail varnishes are extremely cheap in Brazil, at around 70p per bottle, so it didn't break the bank!
These polishes are available online at for around £1.50 each.

'Bonequinha Charmosa' (Charming Doll)

'Armadilha Tropical' (Tropical Trap)

'Apuros em Miami' (Trouble in Miami)

The Risque polishes have a lovely, smooth texture, so they go onto the nails nice and easily, but you do have to be a bit careful as they are quite liquid.  They are relatively quick-drying and give an even coverage and colour, but are also quite sheer, with Trouble in Miami and Charming Doll requiring three coats to achieve opacity. Tropical Trap fares slightly better, as with two coats, I was satisfied. All colours have a slightly glossy finish, but applying a top coat makes the most of them and shows them to their best advantage.
Charming Doll is a lovely lemon-sorbet, pale pastel yellow and looks great with a tan, as do Trouble in Miami, which is an pale orange-coral, and Tropical Trap, a green-toned pastel blue.
These colours will be on my nails throughout spring and summer, and are just what I was looking for to update my collection. They are a great substitute for the gorgeous pastels at Illamasqua, but a fraction of the price.

Which polishes are going to be on your nails throughout the sunshine months?

Hope everyone is having a nice weekend.



  1. i awarded you the blogger sppreciation award on my blog! xx

  2. Aww, thank you so much :) That's really nice of you. I didn't realise you'd only been blogging for two weeks, really liking it so far! xx

  3. OMG these are the most cutest colours going and they are so cheap! I really do need to get myself out to Brazil! 70p per bottle I think I would buy the whole store!!

    your nails really do look great


    1. They really are a bargain! But they are the only things that are, makeup is SO expensive in Brazil! To give you an idea, a Mac lipstick would cost you about £30! Bit ridiculous. I do love their nail polishes and the way Brazilians do manicures too though, they look lovely.
      Mel x


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