Monday, April 2, 2012

Mini Topshop Makeup Haul!

Hey guys, I've got a mini Topshop make-up haul for you today!

I have been after a few bits from the Topshop make-up range for ages now, so I popped in to my local branch last week and this is what I picked up:

Powdered Blush in 'Powdered' (left).

I actually went in looking for the shade 'Pop', being a lover of a good coral, and thought that was what I had bought until I got home and realised my mistake! I was pretty annoyed about this at first as I'd had my eye on 'Pop' for an absolute age, and the in-your-face pink of this shade didn't look at all wearable. However, I was pleasantly surprised when I did a colour swatch on my arm, and even more so when I applied a small amount to my cheeks. Now, I must point out that usually, I would hate such an overly 'pink', sickly shade like this, as I much prefer a more natural glow. I also must say that I know that on the swatch above, it does look exactly as I have just described it, and if you put a large amount on your cheeks, it wouldn't be a good look. But by putting just a light dusting along my cheek bones, I achieved a rosy-cheeked look that I really quite looked. LESS IS MORE, LADIES!! I can't say that I would necessarily choose this blush in future; given the option, I'd still go with 'Pop' (shown above on the swatch, it's the one on the right). But nevertheless, I'm glad I managed to salvage something from my accidental purchase!

Lipstick in 'Infrared'.

I am soooo excited to finally have this lipstick! It is a lovely, moisturising formulation in an orangey-red shade, and you can apply one layer to get a nice tint, or a couple of layers to get the full effect and a really bold look.
I have been after this since seeing it some of Zoella's Youtube videos and on her blog. Like her, I do love a good orange, so needless to say, this is the perfect shade for me. I find oranges to be really wearable shades, especially if you've got a reasonably pale skin tone like me, and they are perfect for Spring ( I also love corals for Spring and have recently purchased MAC's 'Vegas Volt', which is an 'Amplified' - review coming up).  Apologies for not having any examples of what this colour looks like on the lips at the moment but do bear with me, and as soon as I've got my camera sorted (it's broken :-( ) I will get some up here sharpish!

Lip Marker in 'Hot Shot'.

This is a bright, vibrant red, and is along the lines of Revlon's Just Bitten range, in that you basically colour in your lips with the nib and it leaves a nice stain on your lips. However, unlike the Just Bitten, it does not include a balm to moisturise your lips, and so I found it to be very drying. If your lips are already dry, then don't even bother - at least not until you've got them in tip top condition. Personally, I do suffer from slightly dry lips, so this was not a good look for me, but I will be trying it again when I have managed to get my smile sorted!

Kohl Liner in 'Bolt' (second from right).

This is a very dark, shimmery, charcoal blue, and I absolutely love it. It's perfect for creating a smokey eye for a night out, but what struck me about it was the great pigmentation and the ease with which I was able to apply it. It's definitely not one of those liners where you have to go over and over it to get any effect. It is very smooth and creamy, not to mention bold. Love it!

Hope you guys are all well. Have you bought anything from the Topshop makeup range recently? What did you think of it?


  1. Hello lovely, I saw you commented on my giveaway and wanted to know what GFC is... if you look on my blog side bar and see where it says "Join this site- with google friend connect" and click on that, you will be following me by GFC :)

    Frances x

    1. Thanks Frances, I have entered now. Hope you're having a great Easter! x

  2. Yay love the blush and lippie. I think I need to try out more Topshop products, really impressed with them!

    Happy Easter! :) x

    1. Yeah, me too, and I'm really surprised that they are so good as I'm sure they used to do a range years ago and it was nothing special.

      Hope you have a great Easter too x

  3. Thank you for visiting my blog, and following me! I'm so jealous of your Topshop haul! I have been meaning to get the Infrared lipstick for ages, but I find it's such a shame to pay 5 pound shipping for just one item. What blush is it next to 'Powdered'? It's such a gorgeous peachy pink!

    PS. I'm really loving your blog, you just got a new follower! xx

    1. Thanks lovely, I am definitely ready for another haul now as this was a while ago and I love Topshop makeup!
      The blush on the right is 'Pop', which is the one I tought I had bought, until I got it home! Oops.

  4. They all look great! I love the colour of the blush and the kohl eyeliner in particular! :)

    1. The kohl eyeliner is gorgeous, it's a firm favourite of mine. There is a little bit of subtle sparkle in it, so it's good for nights out :) xx


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