Monday, April 30, 2012

Weekend Favourites

It's that time again!

This week's most wanted list features a variety of things, from a variety of places! I haven't really gone for a theme this week, so instead, I've just put together a little collection of beautiful things for you to peruse. Enjoy!

Patchwork Persian Quilt, £120, Urban Outfitters Home.

Tin, £5.99, Ebay

Tokyo Doll Pink Tropical Jeans, £24.99, New Look.

Vintage 'Tea for One' set, £17.05, Ebay

'To Kill a Mockingbird' poster, £18 (pricey!), Urban Outfitters Home.
This is my favourite book!

Nails in Gilted, £6, Topshop.

Co-ord Bird Print Shorts, £35, Topshop

Graphic Beaded Clutch, £45, Accessorize

Leaf Tree Jewellery Stand, £18, Urban Outfitters Home

Floral DIY Shorts, £35, Miss Selfridge

What's on your wanted list this week?


  1. Nice little picks, love all the homeware you've chosen, especially the bed spread, but eeek at the price xx

    1. Yep...they are definitely on my wish list, but sadly, that's where most of them are going to stay! Love Urban Outfitters for home stuff, but it is ridiculously expensive!xx


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